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Dodge has done it..., just wait!


1958 Dodge Coronet, Fifth Avenue in Florala, Alabama


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer D500, TraveLodge at Kingman, Arizona 1958 Dodge Kingsway Deluxe, Old Tucson near Tucson, Arizona

Baja California

1958 Dodge Sierra, International Border at Tijuana, Baja California

British Columbia

1958 Dodge Coronet, TraveLodge in Vancouver, British Columbia


1958 Dodge Coronet California Highway Patrol, Wishon Cove at Bass Lake, California 1958 Dodge Coronet Convertible, Ocean Avenue in Carmel-By-the-Sea, California 1958 Dodge Sierra & 1956 Dodge Lancer, Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California 1956 - 1959 Dodge, Claude Short Dodge in Santa Monica, California 1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Glen Tahoe Motel in Stateline, California 1958 Dodge Coronet Club Sedan, Park Drive Shopping Center in Wrightwood, California


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Victory Way in Craig, Colorado


1958 Dodge Royal Lancer, Westgate Shopping Center in Bradenton, Florida 1958 Dodge Royal Lancer, Morrison's Imperial House Restaurant at Daytona Beach, Florida 1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Ocean Drive in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Emerald Seas Motel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1958 Dodge Coronet, New York Avenue in St Cloud, Florida 1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Otis Marina Motel in Surfside, Florida


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Tom-Ann Restaurant in Chatsworth, Georgia


1958 Dodge Coronet, Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank in Peoria, Illinois 1958 Dodge Coronet, St Francis Hospital in Peoria, Illinois


1958 Dodge Lancer, Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Israel


1958 Dodge Kingsway DeLuxe, Plaza de Ayuntamiento in Guadalajara, Jalisco


1958 Dodge Coronet, Old Colonial Motel in Old Orchard Beach, Maine 1958 Dodge Custom Royal, Nubble Light Dining Room in York Beach, Maine


1958 Dodge Coronet, Norfolk County Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, Eastern Summit Motel in Florida, Massachusetts 1958 Dodge Coronet Convertible, Samoset House in Plymouth, Massachusetts


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Duggan's Sportmen's Post near Harrison, Michigan 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Regal Lancer, Sprenger's Lakeview Motel in O-nek-a-ma, Michigan


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Highway 90, Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi


1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, Pine Street in Rolla, Missouri


1958 Dodge Coronet, Frontier Town Highway Exhibit, MacDonald Pass, Montana 1958 Dodge Coronet, Logan Pass in Glacier Park, Montana


1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, Big Chief Motel in Battle Mountain, Nevada

North Carolina

1958 & 1959 Dodge, Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains, North Carolina


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer D500, Prehistoric Forest in Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, Anderson's Restaurant in Washington Court House, Ohio


1958 Dodge Coronet, Trans-Canada Highway at Lake Superior, Ontario 1958 Dodge Spring Special Convertible, Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Ontario


1958 & 1959 Dodge Royal, Hemlock Street in Cannon Beach, Oregon 1958 Dodge Coronet D500, Rainbow Motel in Cottage Grove, Oregon


1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, Main Street in Ephrata, Pennsylvania 1958 Dodge Custom Royal, The Guernsey Cow in Exton, Pennsylvania


1958 Dodge Kingsway, Rue Child in Coaticook, Quebec 1958 Dodge Lancer, Manoir Ste-Rose in Dégelis, Quebec 1958 Dodge Custom Royal, La Rue Principale in Sainte-Marie, Quebec

South Carolina

1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer D500, Tastee Restaurant in Santee, South Carolina


1958 Dodge Custom Sierra, Pak-A-Poke Curb Market in Townsend, Tennessee


1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer, Valentino's Beauty College in Irving, Texas 1958 Dodge Lancer, Winkler County Court House in Kermit, Texas


1958 Dodge Royal, Maddox Ranch House in Perry, Utah 1958 Dodge Coronet, TraveLodge Motel in Salt Lake City, Utah


1958 Dodge Regent, Saigon, Vietnam


1958 Dodge Suburban, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel near Cape Charles, Virginia


1958 Dodge Mayfair, Horseshoe Cafe in Bellingham, Washington


1958 Dodge Custom Sierra, Main Street in Siren, Wisconsin


1958 Dodge Sierra, Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming 1958 Dodge Sierra, Looking east on West Broadway in Jackson, Wyoming

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