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Seaside. Oregon

Color by John Boyer
Published by Western Color Sales, 1425 S.W. 13th Ave., Portland 1, Oregon

1957 DeSoto Fireflite

At the end of Broadway, Seaside's main street, lies "The Turnaround." It is a roundabout designed to turn traffic around when the street dead ends at the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of "The Turnaround" stands a statue of Lewis and Clark. The statue signifies that not only tourists "turn around" in Seaside, but that Lewis and Clark turned again for home, and their report to fellow Albemarle, Virginia resident Thomas Jefferson, when they reached the Pacific Ocean.

In 1908, a wooden Promenade was built along the ocean front. In 1920 it was reconstructed, this time in concrete, from a well composed design that, as its central focal point at the end of Broadway, incorporated a turnaround for automobiles. The "Turnaround" is the official end of the Lewis and Clark Trail. In 1985, the Prom was renovated. The original design motif was retained and vintage street lamps restored. In 1990, a bronze statue of Lewis and Clark, designed by sculptor Stan Wanlass, was installed at the Turnaround.

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