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Seal Rocks, Golden Gate straits –
and Danny's Cliff Chalet!
Cliff Chalet's panorama view windows sweep
across one of the world's most wondrous vistas
– the Pacific Ocean overlooking Seal Rocks! This
marvelous view from Cliff Chalet has been a
landmark since 1906. Today, still owned and
operated by the founders, the friendly Hountalas
family . . . Danny's Cliff Chalet has been visited
by over 1,000,000 dinner guests - a bus stop on
the Gray Line Sightseeing Tours. The decor is
exquisite. The prices truly coffee shop. "Sizzlin'
good" food for every mood. Open every day from
7 A.M. 1006 Point Lobos Ave. Phone Skyline

Published by Stephen J. Rossi, 1972 – 20th Ave., San Francisco, California

1956 Dodge Coronet

The Hountalas family has been part of the Ocean Beach community since 1906. In 1919 Michael Hountals leased a candy and tobacco stand inside the Car Barn, the terminus for the street cars. In 1949 the Car Barn was destroyed by fire and in 1952 Mike acquired the Golden Gate View Coffee Shop next to the Sutro Baths. In 1941, when Dan was six years old, he started his own business selling peanuts outside of his father’s shop. In 1958 Dan opened the Cliff Chalet and in 1965 it was extensively remodeled and renamed Danny’s Cliff Chalet. In June of 1966 it burned down in the blaze that destroyed the Sutro Baths.
A Gift Shop is what is left of it now

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